Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kek Lok Si Temple Lighting Up Ceremony

Event: Kek Lok Si Temple Lighting Up Ceremony_Part1
Date: 21th Jan 2009
Venue: Kek Lok Si Temple
Wikimap: CLICK
Part1: Fireworks Ceremony


чLιиg said...

Really nice!!

我的部落格 said...

thank you... only once in a year (i guess)... next year come over la... hehe

чLιиg said...

Ok~if got chance~

sebastian said...

hehe...the firework and the sky very pretty. But, if there is certain effects on the building will be perfect....What effect? I know what is that but dont know how to explain it...bler :)

我的部落格 said...

Ling: haha... see u!

Sebastian: are u trying to say HDR? so that the building will look brighter yet the background exposure still look fine?

iplaywithheart said...

nice picture of the fireworks!

我的部落格 said...

thank for compliment. from ur blog, seem like u also a photographer... maybe we can have outing together in future

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