Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ice Ice Baby at Autocity

too much bad news has been flying over head, make me feel sick.
Leave or Stay? dunno, no idea, just let GOD decide my destiny.

25 Feb 2009, as usual
after the meeting among the group, that was almost time to get out of office to avoid traffic jam and i have to rush for 2 places before dinner but somehow i been called up by colleagues and invited to join dinner at autocity
actually this is first time to come out with 5 of them during off time, will it be last time?

full of hunger, empty stomach.... and here we are, Ice Ice Baby

Bake Rice
My Dinner - Fried Rice, again?
Baby Sundae.
Chocolate Go Nuts
everyone are tempted with ice creams, cant wait for it, dont u think so?
cheer with chocolates go nuts
my jumbo orange juice, 44oz... but full of ices.. :(
opps...! curi my drink...
what food that really melts your heart?
Autocity, before leaving
lastly, i would like to wish u all gud luck and all the best in ur career...
for those who stay, hope for company turn better...
for those who leave, hope can get a new start as early as possible...

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GH said...

All the best too

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