Sunday, March 29, 2009

Makan Makan Again~!

Event: Makan Makan Again~!
Date: 28th Mac 2009
Venue: Zhi Wei Yuan Steamboat Restaurant & Autocity Sega
Wikimap: CLICK
yeah.. another old style steamboat during rainy... such a warm and sweet dinner.. the soup is kinda different from previous steamboat i had in goh huat seng steamboat restaurant... here is more tasty and delicious. YUM!!
let see the what we have now... go go go...
egg... my favourite...
i dunno how to call this... pok pok cui? no idea... crispy
abalone mushroom
ji cai... vegetable.
let's begin!
DIY fan? power by Nikkor 6.0V Battery.. wakaka
my bowl is full of maggie mee, i gonna finish it and no waste..
Yao Char Kuai and Chinese Pizza Ham Chim Peng. Just right opposite the restaurant...
very cheap and hochiak!!
after dinner, of cos get some drink and talk... autocity, practicing Earth Hour 2009

turn off the light, turn off the light.
Sega... am mong mong....

and drink....
ho.... not much photos can share due to the bad weather....
next? QEII... gonna wear smart smart.. omg.. i cant imaging....


Kevin TCP said...

Wah! So siok one!?

I want to go back quick quick ... ;p

我的部落格 said...

wakaka.. then faster come back lo...

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