Sunday, April 5, 2009

Birthday at Redbox

Event: Gathering for GH, HF & CL birthday
Date: 5th April 2009
Venue: Gurney Plaza, Redbox, Room37
singer concentrate on singing but some ppl laughing for no reason...
singer who not concentrate to sing the song..
center- gin hong.. birthday girl. with her buddies, teong keat and amanda
another 2 birthday girls
End Hoay Fern and Front Chia Ling with her buddies, Swee Khay and Pei Chean
Show time... Me and Swee Khay with Birthday Girl
everyone sing NOW!!
loud and laugh
eh.. where goes wrong?
never forget our funniest guys, Kok Zhi (自认周星驰的接班人,但也是公认的)and Teong Keat
girl of the match... who said she dont dare to sing but she was solo... CRAP!!!
Birthday Cake Time... Take1
Birthday Cake Time... Take2
Birthday Cake Time... Take3
Birthday Cake Time... Take4
Birthday Cake Time... Take5
Birthday Cake Time... Take6
oh.. i am superstar.. lol.... so happy
family photo. me from left, annie, aileen, hoay fern, chia ling, gin hong, kok zhi (me with jealous eye *.*), amanda, pei chean, swee khay with apple green, teong keat.
make a wishes
fun time...

Happy birthday to Hoay Fern, Gin Hong and Chia Ling... aiyo... 1 year older liao.... again.. hehe...
hope 3 of u enjoy the party and may ur wishes come true...
事业顺利 si yap sun lee
身体健康 sin tei kean kong
爱情美满 ai cheng bi muan

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