Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My 25th Birthday..........

since i was born iin 1984 til now.. i could say this is my most happening birthday celebration after 25 years... haha.... 1 week in advance, i had a house BBQ party and my x-colleagues and friend are welcomes to join the party on 2009-April-30th
just some candid shot for all of them... included my mom.. hehe... the one with red shirt from left.
the next week.. which was 2009-May-5, same gang of us had a dinner at gurney drive, coffee island.
i ordered Chicken Maryland, the taste so so... but the point is not how nice the food but the enjoyment to have dinner with gang of people for my birthday eve.
and also my chocolate shake... with SK's Sandwich
yeah, 7 of them excluded me.. i am taking this photo.. :)
Ann Nee and Swee Khay.. forever friends.. kekekeee
some candid shot
time to order after a long long discussion.
kok zhi and my lovely x-cubemate, gin hong..
brother teong keat.... with innocent eye
gin hong with her squid ring..
the next day 2009-May-6th, Lunch at Gurney, Winter Warmers.
Tea for her... Rose
Tea for me, Jasmine
Wafer for her
paste cheese bake for me
some candid shot
thank Susan.. everything and paiseh with your car.. :)
think other way round... u will never forget today...
and again.. thank for the birthday cake....
1,2,3 let sing....
happy birthday to u
happy birthday to u
happy birthday to ~ chee ~ kwan (stuck-ing~~??!! why??)
happy birthday to u.
and dinner time on 2009-May-6th with my 2 lenglui sister.. Lih Miin and Siew Nee... at QBM, Nandos
with our drinks
their quarter chicken
and my kebab
thank to lih miin
and siew nee to make it happen...
End of my 25th Birthday Celebration....
Siew Khay for organized a dinner for me
thank to SK, GH, KZ, TK, PC, AN, and Aileen.

Susan for having birthday lunch with me

Lih Miin and Siew Nee for birthday dinner...


joseph kim said...

just wondering... what happen to susan's car?? i saw her msn write "what a XXXX day"... must be very gai.. =P

PhoeNieTam said...

wlaos wish u happy birthday at are u?paisei...yesterday jz saw the email u sent to how is your plan?

Anonymous said...

Looked great! :D

Happy Birthday to you too...

我的部落格 said...

Joseph: haha.. i think u already know wat happened d.. hmm... careless lo....

Phoenie: thank for ur wishes... hmm... my plan? jobless le.. no plan liao.. haha

Kevin: thank you!.. haha.. faster come back lo...

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