Friday, May 22, 2009

Yee Quan

Event: Yee Quan Portrait-graphy
Date: 22th May 2009
Venue: Georgetown Heritage, Penang
Model: Yee Quan, First Time Model

first at all, i would like to thank to the model, Ms Wong.. lol...
although from the beginning we faced some problems regarding problem A and problem B.
haha.. but til the end of the session, we manage to capture a better portrait?
this might be due to we still fresh in this course and this is ur first time to be photo model... wakaka... hope in future we still got chance to have another session if u dont mind the photos i took is some sort of not reach our expectation? hehe....

again.... do not take the purple shirt into ur consideration list.. wakaka...
u got a better choices.


yeeqs said...

hahahahahaa yes yes.. defeitnately no purple shirt next time!! and yes of course theres a second time!!! :P and the photos are extremely nice.. ignoring the model lar.. hahaha thanks a bunch! :P

Frankie said...

da chick's swell, got da same name as me.. SWELL!!!!

yeeqs said...

now's ur second chance :D

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