Friday, July 3, 2009

Steven's HotSpot

Event: Lunch in Steven's HotSpot
Date: 3 Jul 2009
Venue: Steven's Hotspot, Penang
Wikimapia: CLICK

first time visit to steven hotspot. the food and beverage are self service like others but the environment is look much more better with the colorful wallpaper.
nothing much i can share here but in fact there is a good place for meeting up some old friend, chit chat and gathering.. but one thing is the choices of F&B are 'little bit less'
the famous and most recommended lychee cake are not available. so...
an Oreo cheese cake
Chicken Pie

maybe due to the long way walk from qbm to steven's hotspot, and also a little bit disappointed, i should put in 'not in my expectation', that why i only have these few photos to share.. :)

more photos coming... El-Mondo Pizza


Soulmen said...

Nice framing with soft effects around the edges. Also like the angles for the cakes and pies. Keep it up dude!

PohToGraphy said...

Hi soulmen, thank for compliment.
more photo will share. stay tuned

Steven's HotSpot said...

Hi Phileo.
Thank you for the coverage of Steven's HotSpot in your blog.
In appreciation of your posting. We will link your blog to our website and issue you a Steven's HotSpot Platinum Membership Card for free.

We will contact you soon.

Steven’s HotSpot is currently expanding through out Malaysia. And planning to expand into International border in future.

Sign up as a member of “Stevens HotSpot" loyalty membership program, kindly visit us at or email us at

Interested parties that would like to join “Stevens HotSpot Concept Cafe” Franchise, kindly visit us at or email us at

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