Thursday, October 8, 2009

DIY Studio Light + Plain Background

as i mentioned last nite, i did a studio light stand with adjustable height from 20cm til 180cm.
not only the height can be ajust but the angle of the light source as well... i fixed a point of the bulb holder to the stand and make another point is free to turn.
although the light bulb i s only 60W, but i believe it's good enuff for some mini studio work like shooting a toy or food? in future, i would like increase the power, no doubt. currentyy due to financial limit. everything must start with cheap and usable

the background is very simple, can be white/black/wood pattern.
future improvement:
1. lamp cover/diffuser
2. more powerful bulb
3. more light
4. backgrounds!!!!!1


~SuSaN~ said...

Hey, it's like a studio in your workshop already...
May i ask if next time i want to capture photo like passport type can find you or not? haha...

PohToGraphy said...

errr... passport photo nia meh?? =.=

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