Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Day

Yes. Birthday Parties Begin

First, birthday eve dinner on 5-May at Kim Gary

Never Miss the BR's Pinky Wednesday Day

Second, actual day on 6-May at Company Cafe..

At night? Cuisine Bou Japanese Restaurant

Time to get some sweeties... Ice-cream from Maxim's Cakes House

Oreo + Mint After Eight.
what-a-cool combination

Third. Cake + Drink on 7-May at Segafredo

Fourth. Final round on 8-May at Turuya

OH... finally after so many of delicious and tasty foods/drinks/desserts/cakes... it's time to do some exercise. unfortunately.. tmr still got another lunch after ROM of one of my client.
before that, i am sincerely thanks to those ppl who organized/helped/participated/sent wishes for me.


ghkoay76 said... so much celebration ya~~

Pohtography said...

wah.. so fast..
hmm... not bad la..
u dowan celebrate with me... sien jor..

CvBeLL said...

beh tahan....1 birthday got 3 cakes...hmmm...

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