Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dine in Roadhouse Grill

Event: Dine in Roadhouse Grill
Date: 6 June 2009
Venue: Roadhouse Grill, Gurney Hotel
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this is second time i visited to this restaurant since 1 month ago.
there are some information u MUST know as a customer.

first, the peanuts are ABSOLUTELY FREE and UNLIMITED and another thing is u can just throw the peanut shell on the floor but do not throw into the ponds. =P

Second, Free Flow water but only available for certain drinks. Ice Lemon Tea is one of choices
The bun is serve together as well with butter

Third, Highly recommended appetizer, Nachos
you can request to change to chicken in case you do not prefer in beef. so yummy!

coming next is the soup, just a normal mushroom soup, rather a insipid soup.
let's start!

after enjoy our meal, next destination was G Hotel... hehe >.<
lastly, have a drink and net surfing in starbucks gurney plaza.

the new blog just created by Susan.
Susan Loves Life
good begin! keep up the good work so that u got more thing to do when boring... wakakka...
give me '5'


~SuSaN~ said...

haha....HIgh 5!!!...Feel so great..
Thanks to you...

PohToGraphy said...

high 5.. no no no.. wan low 5... wakaka.. get my point boh?

The World 记忆里的空间Of Memory said...

wao....look like very greta men

PohToGraphy said...

thank!... shud have a try if got chance.. haha..

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