Thursday, June 11, 2009

配件 Accessories for Portrait



暂时只想到以下几样,如有其它物品请留言,好让我补加上, 谢谢!
the Accessories for Portrait are show in below, please do let me know if i miss out anything so that i can add on later for sharing. thank!

配件 Items

1.草帽 Hat

2.花饰发夹 Hairband

3.手环 Wristband

4.特大耳环 Big Ear Ring

5.墨镜 Sunglasses

6.黑框眼镜 Black Frame Spec

7.腰丝带 Waist band

8.腰皮带 Belt

9.吉他 Guitar

10.花 Flower

11.洋娃娃 Doll

12.戒指 Ring

13.围巾 Scarf/Shawl

14.外衣 Outer Clothes/Coat

15.书刊 Book

16.包包 Bag

17.背包 Backpack

18.手提包 Handbag

19.吊缀 Necklace Watch

21.雨伞 Umbrella

22.相机 Camera

23. 气球 Air Balloon (提供 by: Hoay Fern)

24. 相框 Photo Frame (提供 by: Kelvin-Tan)

Sharing is Caring
by Poh-tography


kelvin-tan said...

wat about a stalk of flower / a photo frame? Model looking at the photo frame & smile, remembering the sweet moments.

PohToGraphy said...

yeah... great idea.. but the size of the frame must not be too big otherwise it's not convenient to bring along.. anyway.. thank for support! hehe

Kylie Chong Lingyi said...

Hey erm, thanks for joining my followers. :) Forgive me but I don't have any memory seeing you before :|

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