Saturday, June 20, 2009

Harvest in Cafe

Event: Food Hunt at Harvest In Cafe
Date: 20 June 2009
Venue: Harvest In Cafe, Irrawaddy Road
Wikimapia: CLICK
today, both of us came to this cafe as planned since few weeks ago but take a look around the cafe, the environment and decoration is simple and nice.
the main color for the restaurant all toward white and black/grey. the lighting of the restaurant become brighter? i think so. The main hall can fill up to 15 tables or more perhaps? not include the external and side halls... not sure about upstairs whether it's available or not.
the menu, one of the main elements of the restaurant. keep it clean and clear.
these are the 2 drinks for us. greenish apple juice for her and brownish ice blended mocha for me. this mocha very '99' til the end it still tasty.
Hawaii Chicken - served with grilled chicken, wedges, pineapple, steamed cauliflower and broccoli. the grilled chicken is really yummy especially with the BBQ sauce and the crunchy skin.
Grilled Almond Fish - she said nice wor...
the portion for the main course is just nice. not too much yet not too less.
now, here we go!
ohya, last but not least, the price is reasonable and no service tax.
Extra Information:
Opening hours: 11.00-3.30pm, 6pm-10pm.
Closed on Sunday and Evening Session on Tuesday which mean no dinner

this muffins is not available there... just for sharing purpose.
homemade muffins, my breakfast for tomorrow.


ericyoong said...

hey .. the 2 musics you play here is really nice.
1.) Missa Johnouchi - Moon beach
2.) X Japan - Tears

PohToGraphy said...

wakakaka.... thank.

aaron_tch said...

jia ho liao ...

itsu said...

hey, i juz wan to go this cafe... so ngam see u post it...HAHA!!! so nice or not???

PohToGraphy said...

@ aaron: hmm.. haha.. u shud go try also...

@ itsu: nice and not expensive, i didnt order much but just 1 main course with 1 drink. u can always read the review from other blogger, conclusion for this restaurant is the mushroom room is salty.
go go go... ask ym bring u along.. haha... then u can try many foods at once. LOL

hong said...

hehe, i luv the 2nd pic oh.. nice.

PohToGraphy said...

@hong: thank you

joseph kim said...

mushroom too salty??
i help u to complaint on sunday... haha... one of my church member lai..

PohToGraphy said...

haha. joseph...
yes.. from other blogger eh review la... they all comment the mushroom soup a bit salty.. i dunno... nvr try as i read reviews from them.. haha. no wonder sunday boh open la... guan lai is christian.. haha..
just send him/her this msg la. so can be improve.. other ok liao...

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