Sunday, June 14, 2009

KhunTai Thai Food Restaurant

Event: Makan-Makan Trip in KhunTai Thai Food Restaurant
Date: 13 June 2009
Venue: KhunTai Restaurant, Raja Uda
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Here we go for another makan makan trip to raja uda for 6 of us.
af first we plan to go autocity have a tea time before heading to khuntai as we made the reservation on 7pm. due to the happening event in autocity, we change to e gate starbucks.

some gossip & chit chat, some keep quiet, some looking around, and 1 taking photo in autocity...

with the help of GPS, oppss... without the help from the gps, we managed to reach there by 6.05pm and this is special hut for our dine

fully made of bamboo, mr. Lim looking at the menu

the only dessert available, Bu Bu Cha Cha(sorry if spelling wrong, no matter what.. this is the only dessert u can ask for)
juicy coconut and here we start the main dishes
fried kangkung, crunchy and not oily, i like it very much
spicy tomyam seafood...
and this dunno wat 'dim-sum' fish... wakakaka
kelabu, i nvr try this... but some of them kena the cili til face turn reddish
and last one.. lala.... not bad..
overall all the foods are nice... and it only cause rm150 for 6 of us!!!!


小雪 said...

好久沒吃泰國菜了 酸酸辣辣 過癮

PohToGraphy said...

hi 小雪,

kimi said...


PohToGraphy said...

hi Kimi:

Soulmen said...

love the food photography

PohToGraphy said...

Hi Soulmen,
thank for visit my blog..
i will share more photos in future..

Alice Q. Manuella said...

haha...KhunTai seriously serves the best tomyam ever! n nice pics...

jz dropping by from NN's Xchange widget...nice blog u have there =]

PohToGraphy said...

hi Alice,
welcome to my blog.
yes, the tomyam really delicious
although we ordered big portion but still not enuff for 6 of us.. :P

feel free to come back here!

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