Sunday, July 19, 2009

BonOdori 2009

Event: BonOdori 2009
Date: 18 Jul 2009
Venue: Esplanade
Wikimapia: CLICK
July, month full of cultural events a.ka Unesco WHS, Celebration Month.
tonight, 18th. Bon Odori Festival at Esplanade as usual.

some fireworks show after the final dance which performance on the stage by dancers from Japan and also local Japan Society Members
Well Done

Stuck in the traffic about for 1 hour and drop my friend back to home then proceed to ex-course mates gathering at OXO.

Coming Up Next... Janet Portrait and St Anne Festival... :)


Daphne said...

Nice Shoot those firework photo..very nice,good job!

aaron_tch said...

haha, me too, the car cant move at all for 1 hour ..

wah, after bon odori, u go to St. Anne ?

Anonymous said...

I heard that this year Bon Odori is not as good as last year... Dance was repeated and bla bla bla ...

PohToGraphy said...

@Daphne: Thank you so much... hope u like it.. i will share more photos, stay tuned.

@TCH: haha... yalor... damn jam... and i rush for gathering tat time.. lol...BTW, now u in penang liao ar? graduated d or wat.. update with me ya.

@TCP:oh... dance repeat is expected la.. they are celebrating the same event wat.. anyway, wat i agree with u is everything almost the same but the firework is diff.. this year dont have LOVE shape... SOB!

Kim Choo =) said...

sob.. i was suppose to go... but suddenly cancelled the plan.. T.T

PohToGraphy said...

@Kim Choo: So sad to hear this.. so dont miss next year celebration. btw.. check out the st. anne festival in this week. :)

aaron_tch said...

I finish my degree and will be permanently stay in Penang.

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