Monday, July 20, 2009

St. Anne Festival 2009

Event: St. Anne Festival 2009
Date: 19 Jul 2009 (17th - 26th, July)
Venue: Bukit Mertajam, St Anne Church
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this is first time i visit to st. anne church. first at all, i would like to thank to my new friend, Ze Xuang for bringing us to our destination as i got no idea how to get there from bridge either ferry. by the time we reach there, they are doing the service in the main hall so we start from outdoor photography first.
the prayers lighting up their candles, 4 candles for each person. sorry for no further description as i am not a christian. maybe my friend could help in this.
my friend, taking photo of prayers
and the kids looking at him with saliva flowing out from his mouth, he doesn't care the wax of candle is drop on his hand so near, so soon.. haha... so cute
the XIV's crucifix,

the main entrance of the new hall.
and this is the old st. anne church

the small fountain located right center of the field

the bell tower
and some side look of the new church.
the most impressed me is the internal look of the architecture for this building as u can see the photos below.
from the right center of the hall
from the back entrance
from the front entrance
from the stage
one of the corner
some macro shots at the garden


new sign board found here.. no human slide allowed
after spend few hours there, it's time for us to recharge energy!
we went to one of the famous food court in BM, in front of Temple. i had tomyam mee hun..
Not Bad To Eat...


PhoeNieTam said...

wow...this is the place where i wanna wen last year..but tersesat jalan...

wow...u captured the church so nice til i wanna go again!!!huHuHuuuu

PohToGraphy said...

then faster go le.. til this sunday.. i think this weekend wil be crowded..
be ready when u depart.. map, gps,
then u wont get lost d

~SuSaN~ said...

nice shoot :P
Nice architecture of church building...impressive~~

PohToGraphy said...

@Susan: Thank!

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