Monday, July 13, 2009

Malacca Heritage Walk and Makan Trip _ Part 1

2009 July 11th, Cloudy & Rainy

I had my third makan makan, jalan jalan trip with my coursemates. this round are total 8 ppl of us, Sze Mei, Zhi Jing, Wei Jo, Ben, Joseph, Raggy, Khai Chin, and I.
We depart by 5am in the morning and 4 people in one group and met in very first juru R&R.

as i mentioned, the weather was spoiled our excitement as heavy downpour all the way from penang til ipoh. luckily the rain stopped as we exit from Ipoh highway. Penang was raining non stop for 2 days.
one of my friend said this sign board is cute and hardly to found in other place? haha.. this sign board mean no pet allow? takkan the pet will go rampas the fruit meh? only monkey will rampas the fruit...
Ipoh tunnel, this tunnel will be close soon and new highway is almost ready open to traffic from Ipoh to K.Kangsar.
here we reach to the simpang pulai exit as we missed the Ipoh selatan exit. :(

wakaka... 830am, Ming Kok Dim Sum. the thing that made us feel surprise is after u take ur seat all the waitress will carry the tray with variety dimsum toward your table and they just take everything and put on the table. so... u never worry that u are out of food to fill up ur stomach. not like Penang, u have to wait for they to push the trolley over with a grumpy face. this is really spoiled the appetite.

other than Ming Kok Dim Sum, one of the well known dim sum in Ipoh is Fu San.
last time when i visited to fu san restaurant was still in the street which selling sprout chicken during night time, now they moved to new place where by right opposite ming kok dim sum. with these grand restaurant, fresh looking, larger (huge) space and better atmosphere.
take a look on the Take Away Section and u can see the Queue is so long.

Next: Chung Hwa Cafe at Jonker Walk


~SuSaN~ said... many highway photo..
lol...can shoot documentary already..

Valerie said...

Nice photos of the highway!

PohToGraphy said...

Thank Q~!
stay tuned for more photo coming up next.

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