Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Malacca Heritage Walk and Makan Trip _ Part 2

Okay, i know everyone of us are hungry. Now we heading to Jonker Street and seek for the famous chicken rice ball in Malacca Town.
Here we are, at Jonker Street.
As u can see the Q is so damn long and they willing to Q under the hot sun that mean it's worth to sacrifice. Okay... from this picture u can see our 3 ladies was walk toward to Q and somehow the next moment i am the one who Q up and 3 of them gone no where while the other 4 still looking for car park!!!
the uncle look so serious when serving the chicken.
part of the chung hwa cafe. the space is really limited.
i guess only allow 50 people at the same time. So please be fast for those still eating and be patience for those waiting. :)
no sacrifice no victory!
finally we got our small table for 8... squeezing. luckily, we all are 'thin' enough. Rite girls... ??
lime juice,
and pineapple juice... to cooling our body temp
finally the chicken is served on our table... half of it
and 5 chicken rice balls for each person.

we got 1 and half chicken and 9 plates of chicken rice balls. totally of 45 and i took 9..
i like it very much rather than the chicken meat.
left empty plates on table.
Take a walk after our lunch, San Shu Kong in red opposite the chung hwa cafe.
Geographer Cafe. i think this is the only pub/cafe along the jonker street.

Now it's time for some dessert before we heading to our apartment, since we still lost the direction to going there. Another long Q outside the restaurant. what there waiting for??
Ta-da!! the ice kacang and cendol with fruit
and Ice Kacang with Gula Melaka. So Damn Nice!
Sweet and Savory.
Next is the Ju Hu
and Poh Piah.
we never try on these 2 as we cant take any more... :)
Next: Apartment Stay and Satay Celup


Anonymous said...

I saw a pic that a plate with 6 rice ball and another plate with 4 only...


PohToGraphy said...

@XJ: haha... ur observation not bad, but no prize.. :P
anyway, it's Yum

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