Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy 24thBirthday to Bun Egg @ 75C

2009-8-9, Sunday... at gurney drive 75C restaurant.
the tables and chairs, not recommend for having meal but gathering some friends to blow water with drink. like below.. how sam
everyone were chit chat while i taking photo and wait for our birthday boy.. ok... birthday guy.. LOL....
we were celebrated birthday for this guy, shirt in red.. wakaka...
the MENU, the begin of a good meal
here are all the drinks available in 75C, many choices and i saw one of these come with 6 different colors fill in tube. that one is interesting but unfortunately i dunno wat it call. 6 colors, 6 flavors to mix and match... sound great.
here the main course. they got soups, snacks, pasta, and main courses that consist chicken, fish, lamb, beef so on...
table ware for soup and main course.
we were there by 1230pm, the waitress told us the restaurant is not ready to serve yet, but her boss is on his way with keys to open the drink maker? and unlock whatever locked. haha.. meanwhile, we served with the juice from sky.
the mushroom soup. i would say not bad... but compare with Mizi & Ingolf. this one is a bit dense and it's taste great with the bread, salty if without bread. perhaps they can provide more bread... :)
main course, lemon butter fish. at first i tot it's was the grilled Butter fish but who know it serve fish with butter... OMG... so wrong...
my beverage, ice blended chocolate... damn good... not too sweet and tasty.
szemei's hamburger delight?? haha.. happy meal
fish and chip for faggy... loving and responsible 'girlfriend' of birthday boy.
Poh Yin
Zhi Jing
Jaw Wen
ultimately, the birthday celebration hour... cake from Jenny cakehouse.. hmm...


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