Saturday, August 8, 2009

Take A Guess_Part 2

More photos are uploaded... Take A Guess... Hint will be given... :)
Join Me here: >>

Enjoy... your creativity might inspire me!

P/S: this is test how attentive you are and let you realize that how important is it; to observe not only externally but also internally... :)


PhoeNieTam said... cannot log in to i just guess at here

1. chili sauce
2. sponge
3. shaver
4. shld be sth related to 3G de
5. wow..really got no clue

PohToGraphy said...

wow... u got 3 correct... chili sauce and sponge quite easy.. how come u can know that is shaver?? do u really use that? or just becos of ur self interested? u know wat i mean?? haha... bulu-bulu.. :P

4 is a stationary and 5 is stack of paper... gambatte

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