Sunday, September 6, 2009

2009-09-05 Photo Walk with friends

Event: Photo Shoot, Walk, Eat and Have Fun
Venues: Heritage Area, Chew Clan Jetty, StGeorge Church, Shih Chung Sch, Christian Cemetery, Air Itam Dam, Kek Lok Si Temple, Edelweiss Cafe
Time: 10am - 8pm
Crew: Joseph, Ze Xuang, Soon Hua, Sean and I

today, met up some new friends who came along from BM at roti bakar, because this the only place i can think of for breakfast. hope they do like the breakfast there.. haha.
after 'refill' the energy, we got a long way to go, as scheduled, we visit to heritage area in Georgetown. Joseph and I start take some photo at Armenian street while the others 3 of them visiting to Hike Enterprise for New Camera bag.

the photo session start a bit late behind schedule but thank god that the weather is so nice in morning, cloudy blue sky.

***************************Pitt Street***************************
1. the roof edge of the Yeap Kongsi, which still under renovate.

2. Kapitan Mosque but it's too early for visit
3. Jewelly Shop along the pitt street, the phone number only with 6 digits, can imaging how long the shop established
4. Ze Xuang on the hot spot

5. Penang Teow Chew Association / Han Jiang Ancestral Temple
**************************Weld Quay**************************
8. So happening in clan jetty nowadays, many cultural activities and mass wedding photography coming this 09-09-09
9. Provide many services listed as above. not only these

10. Some view at the end of the jetty
11. Hand Craft artwork by Kim Ng

12. Piece of art on the bridge, wonder how long the paint can last

13. Coke
14. after that, we have our first break here, Okio.
Ice Blended Lychee Syrup with Jelly and Lemon

15. Wall
16. Central Stationary Company at Church Street.
*****************On the way back to Pitt Street*****************

17. Captain Joseph, taken at Rumah Peranakan Pinang, an nyonya style mansion, we decide not to go in as this not plan in our schedule.
not to waste time linger there, save for portrait session, perhap.

18. Cantonese Association
19. St George Church.
20. Lunch Break, with nutmeg drink.... this is superb nice. very tasty and sour!
double thumb up
21. And famous koay teow thng

*******************Shih Chung Branch School*******************

22. Now we explored to this place, shih chung branch school, this is nothing but one of the famous haunted spot in Penang.
23. The view from main entrance of the school
24. Side view of the building
25. back view of school
26. and more
27. now we step one more forward, go in from back door

28. the lobby of the school, fired wood everywhere.

29. from lobby to side room.

30. look to top from lobby

31. more room at behind of the building, each room is so small
32. Shih Chung Branch School

**********************Christian Cemetery**********************

33. the main entrance to look out francis light's tomb, he is Protestant

34. to way
35. Some other tombs
36. this belong to Francis Light, died in year Oct 1794, tomb restored in year 1834. wondering why his tomb is not the biggest one.
37. and this also not the biggest one, but other and it's blocked
38. the other part, belong to Roman Catholic follower
39. R.I.P
40. dog foot print on beach before been washed away

****************Air Itam Dam & Kek Lok Si Temple****************
41. now we reached air itam dam after another short break at New World Park

42. Before i forget, this is first time i bring my camera to air itam dam and for photography purpose. used to jogging in weekend morning.
43. Kek Lok Si Temple

************************Edelweiss Cafe************************
48. Finally we went to edelweiss cafe for our dinner

50. The Menu

51. Self Portrait? Candid?

52. Magazines

53. Variety of Sugar

54. Dining Area

55. Biggest dinner table, for 8
56. the lamp with gas gauge and tank...
58. Ice Lemon Tea
59. Salad
60. Soup of the day, Pumpkin Soup.... i just ate few scoop, not used to the taste. =P
61. My main Course - Dori Fish
62. Spagetti for Sean

63. Salmon Fish for Joseph
64. Smoked Pork Belly for Soon Hua & Ze Xuang (recommended by Sean)

**********************Group Photo***********************
65. Group Photo (Me, Hua, Xuang, Joseph, Sean)


New Kid on the Blog said...

you dare to go to Shih Chung Branch School?? didn't you know that school famous of having a big coffin on top of the building???

PohToGraphy said...

hmm. izzit? i didnt know that, haha...

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Balitong
The sign looks liek a peice of shit. LOL


PohToGraphy said...

haha.... in fact, balitong itself is something relevant to it.. :S

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