Monday, September 7, 2009

Wedding Bands of SM&HF


this my first ever wedding rings and necklace photography in this morning.
the sunlight is just nice in morning as my house is facing toward east with additional flash light to make the overall lighting look better.

My Gears
EOS 450D
Tamron 90mm Macro
580EX2 with reflector.

kindly 'pai seh' to HF as this morning we quite rushing for the session which estimated 1hour plus but we take about 30-45mins. thank for giving this opportunity.

Ultimately, Congratulation to You.


ghkoay76 said...

Very nice shooting and the car vey cutie ya...

PohToGraphy said...

haha.. thank!!!
actaully got bear bear de, i saw HF bring it but becos i rushing. hmm... wait for ur turn then.. :P

~SuSaN~ said...

o.O whose wedding is that...
so nice ~~

Anonymous said...

This is cute!


PohToGraphy said...

Susan: friend/x-colleague

XJ: cute ar? which one wor? all? the pork chop is just look alike u... no wonder u said cute

Anonymous said...

haha..thanks CK for help me on this wedding band photo shooting...


PohToGraphy said...

u are welcome. hope u like the photos and keep forever in memory.

looking forward on your ROM day

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