Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Friends

This post suppose to be done by yesterday. due to some technical problem so no choice i have to delay 1 day...
as scheduled in early of this week, me and my friend, ching wan has called a date to eat the roti bakar at town area, so gam happen to her colleagues who also a photo fever just finished a Male Portrait Session in B.Garden... sound cool... i havent get into Male Portrait yet.. haha.. then we invite both of them to join us for the crunchy and tasty breakfast.
once again, the 'hidden' street is crowded and full of bread eaters. after take a short wait we manage to get a table which can fit 4 of us. this is first time i try all types (4) of bread available here since i visited there not less than 50times.

hmm... as first my friend and i are planed to have a street walk in town area but thing changes to more interesting and excited as they got stake for a free lunch. the party can win 2 out of 3 for pool matches are entitle for the lunch.. wakaka...
originally, this game suppose to be 1 versus 1 competition but end up we got teamfight for third match.
after a vehement fight, we declared that the champion are belong to us!!! High 5!

of course, the war never end and 4 siaokias-siaopo proceed to next round.
basketball arcade game machine. who ever get the highest score is the winner and my friend got 30 points as handicap. 67-66, again she won the game.. -.-|||

after game we dismissed and 2 of us proceed for lunch in sakae sushi and a movie show 'drag me to hell'.
some news to share:
an engineer who working in Agixxxx based in penang. his wife who just back from manila.
if u read the news in past 2 days, there is 2 new A-H1N1 virus patients cases happened.
one of them is his wife. this so called ENGINEER who know her wife was sent to quarantine but he still go to office as usual.
during lunch time, my friend received a call, informed that the whole office is temporarily closed and all the employees are force to take leave.
hmm.. she is same office with that brainless guy.

this is how virus spread, whether is getting worst with stupid guy or stopped by responsible and considerate person.

hope everyone are fine!!!

lastly, happy to know 2 new friends,
Kim Hoe and Kang Eng (marcus, do not call him)


~SuSaN~ said...

lol...what technical problem u have? H1N1 scary...
make sure u don fall sick..take care!!!

PohToGraphy said...

lol... hmm.. becos i forget their name..
dont too loud.. wakakaa...
so paiseh to u also... nvm nvm... the hill and garden wont run away de.. hehehe

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